"Often when you buy eco-friendly products, you accept that you will be giving up on quality.... this toilet roll is completely the opposite. It lasts forever, is soft and strong & looks great! Hannah is infectious; her enthusiasm for making small changes to be more eco-friendly has opened my eyes to how easy it is to make a difference."



"Just received my first box of Potty About My Planet toilet roll. Really impressed with it and it's already proving to be hugely longer lasting than supermarket versions. Coupled with the eco nature of the brand, as well as lovely packaging, we're converted!



"Received my box of loo rolls yesterday. They  are nice and thick with lots on the roll.  They seem to not go down as quick as branded rolls. We're a family of 6 and get through 2 rolls a day.  I put one on the holder yesterday and it doesn't look like it's gone down much at all.  They are soft too.  I will be ordering more when this batch finally runs out.  They arrive in cute individual paper too so that's even more hygienic. Thank you."



"I absolutely love everything that this product and this company stand for.  It's an awesome product with amazing service.  But aside from that, a product which

1. reduces plastic waste

2. uses bamboo which is more sustainable so helps our planet

3. uses some of the profits it generates to help people in other countries have access to a working toilet. 

Thank you so much."



”I have used your toilet paper for a few weeks now and have to say I am impressed! It seemed rather on the expensive side at first but because each roll is tightly wound and good quality  it lasts three times as long as my normal non green supermarket toilet rolls. Keep up the good work,If everyone used your bamboo paper rolls the Earth would be a better place!”



"Potty about my planet provides absolutely fantastic service as well as fabulous kitchen and loo roll. Completely on board with less plastic and less waste and a bonus the products last longer than the regular you buy in stores!"



"Hannah gives exceptional service. I love these toilet rolls, I use them at home and in the beauty salon at Heather and Honey. They are great quality and individually wrapped and last ages. I love the fact they are environmental and made from sustainable bamboo with no chemicals added, also that Hannah gives such a large percentage back to help sustain the planet."



"Lasts forever, looks the business, excellent customer service and zero plastic used in the manufacturing or shipping process. The best/easiest eco swap I’ve made in a long time ❤️"



"Brilliant products, excellent service and free delivery. Will definitely be ordering again 🙂"



"I absolutely lovvvveeeee these loo rolls. They are really good quality. And I love the ethos for giving back behind the Company too."

Journey of a Lost Soul


"Love the loo rolls and the kitchen roll just goes on forever! Great products and great value."



"Excellent service and delivery. Good quality toilèt paper that comes from renewable sources and plastic free. Good to know that half of the profits go to sanitation charities."



"Love, love love these toilet rolls from Hannah at Potty about my Planet - such a fabulous product they last so much longer than standard toilets rolls from the supermarket , with the same great quality and they even look pretty in your bathroom ❤ Delivery is super quick too... and whats even better is they are supporting a more Sustainable world and donating half profits to charity too!! Great Ethos, Great Company, Great Toilet Roll!!!"