Easter madness!

Posted by Hannah Lant on

We have had a really lovely Easter this year with an Easter egg hunt at 6am in PJs (the poor neighbours)!  We then went to the park for a little play and came back for a visit from Peppa Pig with an Easter egg.  In the afternoon, we had an Easter egg hunt organised by the PTA from Molly's school.  What a busy day!  I think we have enough chocolate in the house for at least the next year.  Well. I'd like to think it will last that long but sadly, I know that's not true!  

However, all of the Easter eggs come wrapped in foil which often cannot be detected if just put in the recycling in bits.  However, if you scrunch it together to make a ball (approximately tennis ball size) it can be detected easier so it can be recycled.  My top tip is to put all of your bits of foil into a jar and then when the jar is full, place it in your recycling bin.  I'm sure after Easter, it will be filled scarily quickly!

Happy egg munching!

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